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When we speak of Campaigns, we immediately think of an election process. Campaigns are not always electoral; Knowing how to differentiate between a political campaign and an electoral campaign is vital to give efficient orientation to a crusade in political life.

Political campaigns:

Their initial objectives are not electoral, they aim to position a character or an idea, attract militants or sympathizers for their political cause. They require a solid ideological structure, which in turn supports a proposal or model; this will be the cause with which it has to be identified. “Without a cause, there is no leader.”

We guide the client in the elaboration of the ideological principles of his movement or party.

We prepare training workshops for activists and supporters.

We advise and monitor the progress of the campaign.

Electoral campaigns:

Its exclusive objectives are to obtain votes. Few electoral campaigns are efficient without a previous political campaign. Achieving the simplest feelings of the voter and guiding them in the sense of our clients’ ideas is our specialty.

  • Create a Sense of belonging.
  • Formation of campaign teams.
  • Container Analysis.
  • Strategy Design.
  • Image Advice.
  • Media Training.
  • Public speaking and body expression.
  • Analysis of the electoral roll.
  • Focus Group.
  • Opinion Poll.