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We start from a preliminary study in the work area, based on qualitative methodology (focus group, participant observation, interviews, perceptions map, among others) and aimed at specifying the specificities required in terms of organizational development and human talent training. In this way, we ensure that the investment of our clients will satisfactorily cover the real expectations of the company under the conditions detected.


Subsequently, as a consequence of the preliminary study of detection of needs, a process of training and accompaniment of organizational development is applied, which is characterized by not being linear, nor homogeneous, nor standard, but flexible, adjusted and oriented to increase and reinforce strengths, and correct and transform the identified weaknesses.



We provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to achieve their goals. The accompaniment, monitoring, and personal support is a quality that we incorporate in our consulting processes to guarantee the comprehensive management of learning and the effective implementation of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired and developed by human capital.


The CIC is a collegiate space where the environment is analyzed and decisions are made. Our specialists, together with our clients, evaluate and discuss the information to reach a consensus to adopt a better course of action. Whether in a campaign or the exercise of power, the CIC is the answer to suppress unforeseen events and minimize uncertainty.


The day is 24 hours and we organize three teams of eight hours of daily work to obtain all the information and process it in real-time. Investigate, analyze, mobilize, and execute actions while others sleep. We optimize the performance of your team.

Our intelligence process


Polemos politico has different sources of information and allied personnel in different countries of the region, permanently collecting open and public information.


Our specialists identify the information that has real potential and geopolitical importance.


Professionals with experience and knowledge in the analysis of information, evaluate it, through the geopolitical framework, to know the reality of the environment that impacts diversely the economic, political, and social aspects in the Latin American region.


Polemos Politic publishes customized reports and analyses to fulfill our client’s needs in conjunction with our core product, Polemos Politic’s Dunamis, which is presented quarterly.