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Beyond the content that we see on the Internet -whether written, multimedia, or interactive-, each successful digital communication project is a business in operation.

Putting this idea into practice requires a clear vision, a plan, and a strategy. It is essential to know the general environment and the particular market to be attacked, as well as to invest in human, material and financial resources, to put these initiatives into operation and to have organizational, operational, financial, commercial, and promotional guidelines that regulate their performance.

This course aims to help the student to managerially visualize a digital product or service as a business that, regardless of its purposes and cash profitability, must be clear about its objectives and secure its sources of financing to have continuity over time.

Open Enrollment.

Certificate endorsed by Polemos Politic Consulting Inc.

Language: Spanish


Term: 22 academic hours

  • Basic Concepts of the Digital Environment and Independent Measurement Tools.
  • Business Management and Strategic Planning Fundamentals.
  • Diagnostic Tools: Canvas, SWOT, and Blue Ocean.
  • Marketing Fundamentals and its Application to Digital Projects.
  • Basic Concepts of Financial Management and its Application to Digital Projects.
  • Twelve (12) hours of Practice to Develop the Business Plan of a Digital Project.


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Karol Cortés 

Graduated in International Studies from the Central University of Venezuela, with a Specialization in Community Management and Online Reputation from the EAE Business School and the University of Barcelona in Spain, she also completed the Diploma in Ethical and Managerial Development in CSR from the Simón Bolívar University. In the beginning, she worked in the diplomatic area as part of the analysis team of the Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Venezuela. From 2005 to 2008 she worked in the area of Marketing, Communications, and Corporate Affairs, developing important projects in the areas of digital marketing, communications, corporate social responsibility, and multisectoral alliances. Currently, she teaches classes in the Organizational Communication Specialization of the Monteávila University and is Social Media Manager Freelance, leading and developing marketing projects and digital image and social networks.

Aimed at the general public.