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Some postulates of cultural Marxism decisively impact advertising manipulation techniques. Likewise, they have a decisive influence on some modern political communication currents. These postulates generate a matrix of diffuse and contagious opinion, whose ability to influence audiences is much more aggressive than that of traditional Marxism. The key to understanding this impact is in the explanation of the origin, heyday, and decline of the famous Frankfurt School.

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Lenguage: Spanish


Term: 8 academic hours

  • History of the Frankfurt School.
  • Doctrine and Basic Postulates of Neomarxism: theories of Hengel, Marx and Freud, in the work of Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse, Fröm, Habermas.
  • Origins of progressivism and its Derivatives. The so-called “progressive culture,” Radical Feminism, the LGTBI Movement, and its relationship with Neomarxism or Cultural Marxism.


USD 150

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Mercedes Malavé González

Venezuelan journalist and columnist. Ph.D. in Institutional Social Communication from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome, 2012). Exactivist from Venezuelan Christian democracy activist. Training Director of the ArístidesCalvani Public Policy Center (IFEDEC). Professor of Anthropology, Culture and Latin American Literature and Thought at the Monteávila University (Caracas, Venezuela). President of the Civil Association “Ciudadanos por la Familia.”

Aimed at political scientists, communicators, educators, parents, cultural promoters, human rights activists.